Using your Blend&GO
The first step to using your blender is to give it a full charge before your first use. We also recommend giving it a quick wash to ensure it's clean. Simply add some soap and water to the blender and turn on, then rinse. To turn on your Blend&GO simply double press the power button and press once for off.
Safety Features
Safety Features Red Solid Light – This means the blender is low on battery and needs a recharge, to charge get the USB cable and plug into a wall charger or device, sit on charge for a few hours and you will be back blending in no time!
Red and Blue Flashing Light – When the blender is flashing with red and blue lights this means the base of the blender and the is not aligned with the jar. To fix this simply tighten the blender to the magnets are aligned on the base to jar. This happens so that the blades do not spin without the jar on as a safety feature.
Safety Tips - The Blend&GO base is not water proof therefore it should not ever be fully submerged in water at any time. This could lead to damage or failure of the power system. 
The Blend&GO is not microwavable and can not handle any heat exceeding 80 degrees. 
Do not allow children to use your Blend&GO and always keep hands/fingers away from the blades.
To maximise the blenders capability we recommend to put liquid prior to any solid ingredients in your blend.
Do not overload the blender as this will cause jamming and result in an inconsistent blend. If blender does jam while using simply flip upside down to release the blades and continue regular use.
The Blend&GO is strong enough to crush ice however, we do recommend to use smaller crushed ice to prevent the blender from possible jamming. If this isn't possible place a little bit of liquid in the blender with the ice then blend. 
Cleaning your Blend&GO after every use is a must!
Simply add warm water, soap and ensure lid is on tightly then run the blender for 30 seconds and rinse for one full blend cycle.
The Blend&GO comes with a Type-C USB cable that you can plug into any usb port for charging. 
A full charge takes up to 3 hours and lasts up to 13 full blends.